I am a student of Chinese calligraphy. When I lived in China, I focused on the regular script of Ouyang Xun, though I also studied the large script of Zhang Jizhi, the small script and the semi-cursive script of Wang Xizhi, as well as some clerical script. Now that I live in The Hague, Netherlands, I studied the regular script of Yan Zhenqing and am currently focusing on the semi-regular script of Zhao Mengfu. Below is some of my calligraphy.

住在中国的时候我主要学了歐陽詢的楷书,也学了张即之的榜书、王羲之的小楷书和行书、和隶书。 现在我住在荷兰海牙, 学了颜真卿的楷书;目前在学习赵孟頫的行楷。下面是我的一些作品。

太极拳爱尔兰 (January 25, 2019, Dublin, Ireland)

Commissioned by Tai Chi Ireland

珍惜 (October 5, 2018, Netherlands)

珍惜 means "to cherish"

个人修养 (September 19, 2018, Netherlands)

个人修养 means "self improvement"

江雪 (April 15, 2018, Netherlands)

江雪 is a famous poem by Liu Zongyuan. It means something like "A thousand mountains, all birds have flown away / Ten thousand paths, not one human footprint / A solitary boat, an old fisherman in a straw hat / Fishing alone, cold river snow."

墨缘 (November 12, 2017, Nanchang, China; gift)

墨 is short for 墨水, ink; 缘 means fate. It was a gift for my mentor, the master calligrapher 万晓龙.

家和万事兴 (October 15, 2017, Yellow Mountains, China; gift)

家和万事兴 is a common saying meaning "A family in harmony will prosper in everything". As is common, addressee (上款) on the right, and my signature (下款) on the left.

如是 (October 7, 2017, Netherlands; gift)

如是 means "as it is"; an important concept in Zen philosophy.